27 August 2019

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Social media likes to create ever more topics for each day of the week, week of the year, month of the year …

Tuesdays include #transformationtuesday so I thought about this a bit and wrote a short piece on LinkedIn.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel confident about dealing with events which might bring transformation to you personally or professionally? Why not contact me to discuss working on how you can manage change – dorothy@findperspectives.co.uk

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    Values in action

    I love to explore the big picture. I love to drill down into the detail. I love to integrate the two to develop a clearer and more relevant understanding of my clients - be they individuals or organisations. Gerard Egan wrote about "the thoughtful search for contextual meaning" (The Skilled Helper Model, 9th ed: G Egan; p149) an this seems to me to be crucial for working effectively on personal and organisational development. Egan developed his model many years ago yet it remains as relevant